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Conquering COVID-19 with 17 SDGs

What if using our collective curiosity to find connections between our world's biggest current problem with 17 of its biggest on-going problems is the best way to find solutions for all of them?

What if, curiosity can't be quarantined?

What If Curiosity is super stoked to start an ambitious initiative calling for all the curious people on the planet to activate their collective curiosities in order to discover, collaborate, and take actions that lead to learning, sharing, and solving the biggest problems we face today, tomorrow, and whenever.

How does it work? How can COVID-19 and the SDGs collide in order to bring people together and tear our fears apart? What if it's a lot simpler than anyone thought?

The process is simple, accessible, and equitable; the results will be world-shaking.

What If Curiosity is breaking down each of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using the Curiosity Based Learning What? to Wow! process to introduce what each SDG is. This will be followed with:

- A connection between the specific SDG and COVID-19

- A question about COVID-19 through the lens of that particular SDG to spark your curiosity and guid your actions

- A call-to-action challenge to take on the SDG and COVID-19

After you learn, discover, and take action on the connection between the SGD and COVID-19, what if you share it with the world and then journey on to the next SDG. What if, a getting curious about, taking action on, and working together to solve is no match for any problem we face as a planet, no matter how big or small?

Start Conquering COVID-19 with the SDGs with SDG #1 No Poverty. You can also take the COVID-19 A-Z Challenge right now!

Stoked to see where our curiosity can take us! Now, let's get curious!

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