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Conquering COVID-19 with 17 SDGs: #2 Zero Hunger

What if you use your curiosity to help conquer COVID-19 and 17 SDGs? Up next? Sustainable Development Goal #2: Zero Hunger

What: The goal is to end hunger by everyone on the planet having access to enough safe and nutritious food to feed them all year.

Who: This goal specifically focuses on helping hungry people in vulnerable situations like infants and people living in poverty.

How: One of the ways this goal seeks to achieve ending the world of hunger is to. "...double the agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers, in particular women, indigenous peoples, family farmers, pastoralists and fishers..."(Source)

When: In the most recent count in 2017, there were an estimated 821 malnourished people living on our planet.

Where: In large parts of the developing world, 80% of their food comes from small farms.

Why: Hunger matters both to individuals and the human species; when someone is hungry or malnourished, it is difficult for them to provide for their families or contribute to their communities, increasing the challenges of achieving the goals like education and health.

Huh?: According the the United Nations, "If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million." Why do you think this is true?

Wow!: Think about the last time you were really hungry. How did you feel? How was your attitude? How did you feel about doing work or speaking with other people? Now, imagine a world where nobody ever felt that way. Pretty cool, huh?

How SDG #1, Zero Hunger connects to COVID-19:

Hungry and malnourished people can be more susceptible to getting sick or catching diseases like COVID-19; access to healthy food is critical to staying healthy during quarantine, and gives our bodies better chances of fighting off viruses.

Using Curiosity to connect COVID-19 with SDG #2 Zero Hunger:

What if, everybody viewed food as medicine? What if, instead of calling it "food" we called it "medicine"? How would that affect what you eat? How would that change how you think about people without it?

Call-to-action challenge to take on ending hunger and COVID-19: Small-food farms is one of the ways people are working to end the world of hunger; during COVID-19 quarantine, many people took the opportunity to start small gardens in or around their homes. What if you start a garden (or a farm!): What foods would you start growing at home if you could start a garden? Are there any foods you could grow that could help you or others survive COVID-19 or other viruses? Can you grow any foods you could give away to help end hunger?

You can also take the COVID-19 A-Z Challenge and if you want to take your curiosity about understanding and taking actions on COVID-19 to the extreme, download the COVID-19 A-Z eBook for more discovering, doing, and making the world a better planet.

Keep conquering COVID-19 with the SDGs with SDG #... coming soon!

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