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What If a Blog Breathed Out of Its Butt?

Welcome to the Butt Breathing Blog, inspired by all the butt breathing turtles and other animals who go to the wildest extremes in how they adapt in order to survive.

(Note: llamas have not adapted the ability to wear sunglasses... yet.)

What if one of the most memorable things my dad and I discovered while researching curiously named animals for our book, The Screaming Hairy Armadillos, was about an animal that isn't even in The Screaming Hairy Armadillo!

Turns out, some turtles can breath from their butts.

After you let that sentence sink in, you might wonder: why? Why would anything want to breathe from its butt?

It's all about survival: some turtles have adapted the ability to breath from their behinds because when they're digging in deep along the sides of lakes and ponds to survive the cold and ice of winter, the only way they can get air to breath is through their back end sticking up out of water.

Even better, after getting curious about the hows, the whys, and the WTHs of butt breathing turtles, we found out these turtle butts are just sniffing the surface of what nature has in store for us to discover about weird, wacky, and down right disgusting adaptations and behaviors plants, animals, and fungi have developed to survive in some of the strangest ways possible.

Stay curious with and learn about nature's nuttiest here on the Butt Breathing Blog!

Keep getting curious about animals with The Screaming Hairy Armadillo and its free Educator's Guide!

Thank you for your curiosity, stay curious, and let your curiosity lead your learning with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!


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