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What If Curiosity in Print & Presenting

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Written with Andrew R McHugh

What if a book didn’t just tell you how to think or what to know, but rather encouraged you to think for yourself? What if there was a book that focused on asking questions instead of just answering them.


The Screaming Hairy Armadillo

Written with Steve Murrie

The Screaming Hairy Armadillo and 76 Other Animals with Wild, Wacky Names, a science-based illustrated celebration of creatures notable for their bizarre, baffling, and just-plain-funny names.


Nueva Humanista 

With Oscar Javier Zambrano Valdivieso and Orlando Almeida Salinas

Desarrollo de la metodología “What If” y su impacto en la gestión del conocimiento como estrategia para mejorar la calidad en la educación



What If... Our Socks Didn't Match?

This talk demonstrates and explores the power of applying a "what if...?" approach to everyday situations and lifelong goals. It explores how asking questions, rather than looking for answers can often lead us to more satisfying, sustainable, and genuine solutions. What if our natural curiosity were our greatest tool to living happier, more fulfilling lives?

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