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What if Imagination Was Your Only Limitation?

Get curious about what you could do if the only thing stopping you was inside your head with this Curiosity-Based Thinking workout from The Book of What If...?: What if You Had a Box That Could Make Anything

What: If you had a box that could make anything, what would you have the box make?

Who: Who would you share the box with to make something better than what you made?

When: When would you work on improving your imagination if it's your only limitation?

Where: Where do you go to increase your imagination when it's your only limitation?

How: How do you maintain a healthy imagination?

Why: Why did your imagination become your only limitation?

Huh?: After you increase your imagination, what becomes your new limitation?

Wow!: What is the best job in a world in a world with no imagination limitation?

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and What If Curiosity!

Thank you for your curiosity and stay curious with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!

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