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What If Nanobots Joined the Fight Against Cancer?

Curiosity Based Learning, Curiosity Q&A for Entrepreneurs from The Book of What If...?

Question: What If Nanobots Joined the Fight Against Cancer?

Action: How can your business not only make a profit, but help people live healthier lives? If it already specifically helps people's health, how can it be used to improve people's education, financial stability, or overall satisfaction of life? Express it in a sentence.

Keep in Mind: Nanobots aren't just tiny, they're so tiny, they could dig a hole through the diameter of one of the hairs on your head and use it as a slide for fun--that is if nanobots were ever programmed for fun.

Deeper Learning: Nanobots attack cancer cells by doing three things:

1) carrying cancer-fighting drugs to deploy

2) stealthily sneak past the body's immune system without being detected and rejected

3) using homing molecules to locate and recognize cancer cells and then trick the cancer cells into letting them sneak inside to deploy their cancer-fighting drugs.

Challenge: What if curing cancer would be wonderful... but also inadvertently create an entirely different set of problems centered around the fact more people will now be living much longer, requiring more resources in an already resource-strapped world? Put on your innovators cap and design innovations, products, or services that could tackle this issue before it becomes one.

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