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What If You Be Smooth Like Blobfish?

What if a weak appearance is actually a strength?

The smooth-headed blobfish may look like a mess, but that's just how it handles the stress of living under so much pressure.

In order to eek out a living 2,000 - 4,000 feet below the surface off the ocean floor, the smooth-headed blobfish must have muscles with low mass and soft bones to withstand all the pressure pushing down from above.

On the plus side of looking ugly, it's easy eatin' for the smooth-headed blobfish as they waste most of their days waiting for prey to pass by as they swallow them whole with barely moving at all.

Entrepreneurs are constantly measuring and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. What is an apparent weakness--perceived or real--of your company, product, or service you believe is actually (or could become) a secret strength?

Now that you know, how can you communicate this strength to your customers or further activate to your advantage?

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