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Curiosity and the Corporation of Tomorrow

What if curiosity is the cornerstone to the Corporation of Tomorrow?

The Corporation of Tomorrow is a series of blogs, seminars, and other engagements created by What If Curiosity designed for Executives, Innovation Officers, and ascending employees that takes a curiosity-based approach to combine formal training and real-world practice.

The Corporation of Tomorrow invites you to interact with future trends from AI to the blockchain to teacher-less learning and self-driving cars by using Curiosity-Based Learning to not only learn about what the future holds, but take actions to approximate that future in order to create future advantages from it, today.

We'll be exploring ideas and designing actions on possibilities like:

* What if innovating a simple best practice that eliminates steps in administrative, bureaucratic, or production processes can save an organization millions of dollars?

* What if it’s a process problem, not a personnel problem?

* What if the corporation of tomorrow is the corporation of yesterday?

* What if your local community (and the planet) is also a shareholder in the corporation of tomorrow?

* What if you can innovate from the good (not just the bad)?

* What if learning like a kid can help you lead like a leader?

* What if all innovation wasn’t centered around problems?

* What if organizations can also innovate what’s already good into what’s going to be better?

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Corporation of Tomorrow!

Thank you for your curiosity and stay curious with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!

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