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Curiosity, COVID-19, and the Unknown

How many times have you been faced with the unknown? A hundred, a thousand… maybe a million unknowns in your lifetime? What if you are faced with many unknowns everyday? Will today be a good day or a bad day? Will people like me? What do carnitas taste like? Will it rain today? How much?

Congratulations! Regardless of how today goes, or yesterday went, or tomorrow will be, you have been overcoming thousands and thousands of unknowns throughout your life. And for as long as you keep living, the only certainty is the unknown.

The world is working hard to overcome the disease and its impact on everyone’s life. Like past viral outbreaks, scientists, doctors, and others will find a way to cure people and help us get back to our lives before the COVID 19 outbreak.

Until that unknown day comes, what if you spend your time knowing and doing more? How? What if it's as easy as going from A-Z? What if the most effective way to turn an unknown into a known is to ask more questions and share more thoughts?

Discoveries can’t be made without knowing where to look. Answers can’t be found without the right questions being asked. That’s where curiosity and curiosity based learning comes in. What if we're all better off when we practice using curiosity to look at COVID-19 and other unknowns as something to know rather than fear?

If you're curious how and where you can get curious about COVID-19 and other unknowns, you can start exploring COVID-19 A-Z. Or, if you're looking for a little more action behind your discovering, you can start Conquering COVID-19 with 17 SDGs. Once you're done saving the World with your curiosity, visit the Library of Curiosity where you can let your curiosity lead your learning with an ever-growing number of lessons, activities, and discoveries to help you overcome your fear of the unknown with an enthusiasm you've never known.


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