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Curious about Joy Sun Bear

What: Story about a "regular" bear who stumbles into an adventure where he discovers empathy, courage, and kindness.

Who: Former preschool teacher, Blanca Carranza and former tank driver in the U.S. Army, John Lee team up to co-write the book with John also doing the illustrations.

How: Rather than relying on fear and dictatorial tone, Joy Sun Bear communicates complex problems and ideas that engages readers while retaining a clear urgency for action.

Where: The story takes place on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, one of the only places orangutans live on the planet.

When: The story takes place in present day where real-life deforestation is taking place, creating similar chaos and damage Joy Sun Bear experiences.

Why: Joy Sun Bear is an important book for young readers because it has the power to do two things at once: a) get super stoked about reading and b) help them tap into empathy as a tool in taking positive actions in their lives and for the world.

Huh?: As you read and share Joy Sun Bear, the big question will be what are you going to do? How can a community of readers collaborate and support each other in taking actions?

Wow!: With so many young readers being empowered to take positive actions informed by empathy and curiosity, Joy Sun Bear has the potential to play a major role in all of our future.


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