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Curious about Learning Coding?

What if anyone could learn coding anywhere at anytime? Enjoy this What? to Wow! on Hands on Coding!

What: Blocks that make learning about computer programming fun!

Who: Anyone curious about how computer programming works and would like to start learning how to program.

How: Each block represents a different code learners put together, like pieces of a puzzle, to create an algorithm and learn the logic of programming.

Where: The Hands on Coding blocks allows you to turn anywhere you are curious to learn about coding--your classroom at school, living room at home, the playground in your neighborhood--into a learning space for learning computer programming.

When: Since there's nothing to plug in, download, or connect, learners can use these blocks to learn coding whenever they want.

Why: Hands on Coding can have tremendous impact as a learning tool because it tears down traditional barriers to learning computer coding such as electricity, internet access, or even a fear of math, allowing anyone curious to learn coding a solid starting point.

Huh?: Hands on Coding turns humans into computers! Curious how? When using the blocks to create a program, the "run" function of the code is being performed by the person moving the blocks.

Wow!: The Hands on Coding blocks are pretty awesome because they allow anyone with the curiosity to learn about coding a pathway of discovery fun to learn.

Curiosity Based Learning

What? to Wow!

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