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Curious About Rainbow Squirrels

A rainbow, what?!

What do you think a rainbow squirrel would look like? Draw and describe one. What if it weren't just a "rainbow squirrel" but an Indian giant rainbow squirrel? What would that look like?

Who do you think would be a giant rainbow squirrel's best friend? Send a direct message from this friend to his or her rainbow squirrel buddy.

How big do you think these squirrels get? How much bigger are they than "normal" squirrels, or squirrels in your neighborhood? Calculate how much bigger these giant squirrels are than a standard squirrel.

When do you think rainbow squirrels come out to play, day or night? Describe what you think a typical day and night might look like for a giant rainbow squirrel.

Where do you think the Indian giant lives? India, of course, but India is a HUGE place! After you discover where, make a map of India and mark this giant squirrel's territory.

Why do you think the giant rainbow squirrel is the state of animal of Maharashtra in India? Create an award announcing the giant rainbow squirrel as the state animal.

Huh?: Aren't animals supposed to blend in with their surroundings to hide from predators and prey? How do you think these squirrels benefit from being rainbow colored?

Wow!: What if you could be giant or rainbow colored? Create a social media profile post sharing your new look with your friends.

Double wow!! Squirrels can be cute and all, but what if you had squirrels living in your walls! Believe it or not, squirrels trying to turn human houses into home-sweet-squirrel homes is more common than you might think. But what should you do if you find yourself with an uninvited--not to mention, noisy--neighbor? The curious folks at Happy DIY Home have some great ideas on how you can get back to enjoying every time you see squirrels scampering across trees instead of dreading hearing the hideaways in your home.

What if you give their post, How to Get Rid of Squirrels In Walls a read! Even if you don't have squirrels trying to live with you, you'll learn ton about how these curious critters think, trick, and fight to survive.

Nerd Corner:

How do scientists classify the Rainbow Squirrel:







Species: R. indica

Curiosity Based Learning

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