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Curious About Sea Bunnies

What if there's bunnies in them thar seas?

What do you think a sea bunny would look like? Draw a picture and write a description.

Who do you know would choose a sea bunny as their avatar in a video game? Why?

How do you think a sea bunny got its name? What might be a different common name for a sea bunny?

When something tries to eat a sea bunny, how do you think the sea bunny protects itself from predators? Write the medical report for an emergency room doctor treating an animal that tried to eat a sea bunny.

Where do you think sea bunnies call home? Imagine you and your family had to move your home under the sea. Draw a picture of your new home and describe what you find most interesting about your new neighborhood.

Why (and what) do you think sea bunnies steal from jellyfish? Write a police report filed by a jellyfish reporting a theft by a suspected sea bunny.

Huh?: Sea bunnies may look like they have bunny ears, but they don't; what do you think they have on top of their heads instead (but look like) bunny ears? Design a hat for sea bunnies and be sure to explain/design how the hat would work with the sea bunny's "ears."

Wow!: Sea bunnies aren't actual bunnies, but they are a type of sea slugs. What can you discover about sea slugs? See if you can find three things sea slugs have in common with land bunnies.

Nerd Corner:

How to scientifically classify one of these "bunnies"~

Domain: Eukaryota

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda

Order: Nudibranchia

Family: Discodorididae

Genus: Jorunna

Species: Jorunna parva

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