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Curious about Student Voice Via Spoken Word

Curiosity Based Learning, Curiosity Q&A for Educators from The What If...? Conference.

Enjoy this 8 minute exploration of the minds of artists, children, and how they can be better appreciated and utilized. This Curiosity Based Learning activity uses the question driving Sloane's spoken word presentation at The What If...? Conference to initiate the Curiosity Q&A.

Enjoy and stay curious!

Question: What If Humanity's Greatest Trait Can Be Found Within Our Artists And Children?

Action: Imagine the leader of your country as an artist; share an example of their art.

Keep in Mind: Art can be defined (interpreted?) in a number of ways, drawings, paintings, writings, sculptures, films, music, and food can all be considered art, but what else might be considered a work of "art"?

Deeper Learning: Not just the ones mentioned in Sloane's talk, but many brilliant minds and notable leaders had side passions in the arts; see if you and your students can discover any well-known people who may have secretly thought of themselves as artists?

Challenge: Design an art gallery for children; rather than focus on introducing them to "classical works of art," design the gallery to introduce children to art itself: What is it? Who makes it? How is it made? When was it first started? Where can it be found? Why does it matter? What if you don't "get" it? Here are some of the amazing things that art can do!


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