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Curious about Super-Powered Lithium

What if Lithium were a superhero?

What: It's easy to assume Lithium's superpower is his charisma since he's never found alone, but his ability to help power others is his true superpower.

Who: Swedish scientist, Johan August Arfwedson is the first known human to discover Lithium on Earth in 1817.

How: How important is Lithium to us today? Lithium powers batteries in everything from pacemakers to cars and several useful devices in between.

When: Even though Lithium is potentially flammable, he's quite powerful in calming things down by bringing them into balance; Lithium's powers connect well with human chemistry, as well, contributing to some human medications.

Where: Lithium is limited on Earth; he can only be found in high altitude lakes in Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

Why: Why is Lithium important to humans? Lithium uses his super power of giving power by sharing his power with many of today's most powerful batteries.

Huh?: Lithium's name comes from the Greek word for stone, lithos, but Lithium is the lightest metal, so light he floats in water; see if you can find out why he got his name.

Wow!: Lithium is born from exploding stars!

Super Student Actions: What is Lithium's "superpower"? What is Lithium's "weakness"? Who/what is Lithium's mortal enemy? What does Lithium's superhero costume look like?

Bonus Activity: Create your own What? to Wow! questions you would like to learn about Lithium.

Extra Bonus Activity: In addition to creating your own questions you'd like to learn about Lithium, what new information can you discover about Lithium?

Curiosity Based Learning

What? to Wow!


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