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Curious about the Blue-Footed Booby

What if there were an animal called the blue-footed booby?

What can't a blue-footed booby do?! They're the triathletes of the bird world: they walk on land, swim in water, and fly through the air. Award a gold, silver, and bronze to put in order which form of gettin' around the blue-footed booby does best and explain your ranking. Then, find out!

Who do you think those big, blue feet are designed for? What if you got to have one part of your body colored bright blue? Make a social media post describing something you're excited about doing today with your big, blue_____.

How do you think a blue-footed booby dances? Do the dance and create an instructional video or written instructions for your blue-footed booby dance to teach others how to do it.

When do you think the blue-footed booby was first discovered by humans? When explorers, discovered the blue-footed booby, they were among several animals that looked and acted strange to the explorers. Make two lists: one list of the strangest animals you know; the other list of the strangest animals you hope are discovered some day. For the first list, also write the specific, characteristic that makes it strange; for the other list, write what strange characteristic you'd love each animal to have.

Blue-footed boobies have been looking silly since long before any human hung a name on them; where do you think the people who put the "booby" in the blue-footed booby were from? Imagine you're exploring a new planet in outer space and you discover a bird with bright, blue feet and does a silly looking dance. Send a transmission back to Earth suggesting a new name for the bird you discovered.

Why do you think the blue-footed booby flies for dinner instead of swims; what "super-power" does the blue-footed booby have that makes hunting from the sky more effective than swimming where the fish are? If you could "super-power" one of your five senses, what would it be? Write a newspaper article where you are interviewed by a blue-footed booby about your "super-power."

Huh?: At first glance, it's easy to think blue-footed boobies are pretty silly with their bright, blue colors, ridiculous looking dances, and clumsy walk, but it all seems to work for these boobies! What if you heard about a booby feeling blue because other birds said it looked silly? Text the booby telling it about a time people thought you were silly for something that seems perfectly normal to you.

Wow!: The blue-footed is such an amazing flyer, they can catch flying fish out of the air--wait, flying, what?! Yes, some fish--and squirrels--can fly! Those fish must be terrified of going into the air. Imagine a flying fish movie about the horrors of flying through the air where an extra large blue-footed booby is known to feast on flying fish? Design the movie poster for this movie. What is the name of the movie? Who stars in it? Who wrote, directed, etc. it? What's the tagline?

Curiosity Based Learning

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Image Credit:

Julie Benbassat


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