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Curious about the Fried Egg Jellyfish

What if there were something our seas called a fried egg jellyfish?

What would a fried egg jellyfish floating around look like? Draw and describe one.

Who would name an animal after what they ate for breakfast? Think of your favorite breakfast food; name a newly discovered animal after it. Create a social media post announcing its discovery (and name) to the world.

How do you think fried egg jellyfish live without bones, brains, or hearts? Imagine your skeleton, brain, and heart went on an adventure together, but in order to move around, they took the form of an animal. Which animal would each take and why?

When do you think fried egg jellyfish use their tentacles the most? Describe a day in your life if you had tentacles instead of arms and legs.

Where would you go if you could latch on and take the fried egg jellyfish express like tons of other tiny sea creatures? Draw a map of where you'd go, marking each stop and any details like how long you'll stay and what you'll do.

Why do you think its common for some sea creatures (like crabs and shrimp) to hitch rides on fried egg jellyfish for transportation? What if you offered to give other animals rides? Create a brief profile of your other animal transportation services including details like, what type of animals you are willing to transport, how far/where you will take them, proper etiquette while hitching a ride, and whatever else you think is important.

Huh?: Sure, you've heard of herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, maybe even piscivores, but fried egg jellyfish are medusivores... what on earth--and under the ocean--is a medusivore? Create a medusivore menu to slide under people's door, complete with the restaurant's name, name of its house specialty, daily specials, and whatever other details you think medusivores would find enticing.

Wow!: There are actually two, different species of jellyfish sharing the same common name, fried egg, the Phacellophora camtschatica and the Cotylorhiza tuberculata. How would you handle finding out someone else had the exact same name as you? Write a letter to that person persuading them to change their name, offering to change yours, or proposing a compromise.

Curiosity Based Learning

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The Screaming Hairy Armadillo

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Julie Benbassat


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