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Curious about the Headless Chicken Monster

What if headless chicken monsters were real!

What if headless chicken monsters were REAL! What would they look and sound like? Share what two headless chicken monsters have a discussion would look and sound like.

Who would not be scared of a headless chicken monster? Write a stern letter to a headless chicken monster why it's not scary.

How do you think headless chicken monsters eat without heads? Make a menu for the world's highest rated headless chicken monster restaurant.

When do you think headless chicken monsters come out to give fright? Create a headless chicken monster's daily schedule.

Where would a headless chicken monster live? Make a diagram of one's home.

Huh?: The headless chicken monster has another common name, the Spanish dancer; how do you think it gets that name? Write a letter from a headless chicken monster to it's parents explaining why it would like to be called, "Spanish Dancer" instead of "Headless Chicken Monster" from now on.

Wow!: The body or a headless chicken monster is pretty much transparent, which means you can pretty much see whatever it's eating pass through its body. What if you had a see-through body?

Curiosity Based Learning

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