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Curious about the Red-Lipped Batfish

What if there were something called a red-lipped batfish?

What would a red-lipped batfish look like? Draw and describe one.

Who would a red-lipped batfish invite to its birthday party? Create a birthday party invitation and a list of sea creatures to send it to.

How do you think a fish with bright, red lips can still be sneaky enough to catch other fish? Write an instruction manual for how to catch fish with big, red lips.

When looked down at from above, it's easy to see how this fish gets the "bat" in its name--it's shaped just like a bat! Draw a picture of your world from a bat's-eye view; what is something you discover from staring at this perspective?

Where the red-lipped batfish calls home is a clue to how it got the second half of its scientific name, Ogcocephalus darwini. Create a travel itinerary for you to travel from your home to the red-lipped batfish's home.

If they're not for kissing, why do you think these batfish have bright, red-lips? Make a list of at least three reasons you think having bright, red-lips could be useful for living underwater.

Huh?: A fish that doesn't swim?! Yep! The red-lipped batfish doesn't swim--it walks! Write down how you think this survives without swimming and walks without legs. Then, find out. Show a short conversation between the red-lipped batfish you imagined walking without legs and living underwater without swimming with an actual red-lipped batfish.

Wow!: Red-lipped batfish are one of several types of fish that come equipped what scientists call an illicium. Find out what that is and then imagine your body with an illicium. Share something awesome you'd do with your new feature.

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