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Curious about the Sarcastic Fringehead

What if there were a creature called a sarcastic fringehead?!

What: The sarcastic fringehead is a frightening looking fish.

Who: The Greeks are responsible for the first word in this fish's name; "sarcastic" comes from the Greek word, sarkazein, or "to tear flesh like a dog."

Where: Sarcastic fringehead live in the Pacific Ocean along the coasts of the U.S. and Mexico.

When: Whenever divers get too close, sarcastic fringehead have been known to attack with their razor sharp teeth.

How: Four times larger! That's how much larger a the mouth of a sarcastic fringehead is open than when closed!

Why: Why the "fringehead"? Sarcastic fringehead have a little fringe of something called cirri on its face.

Huh?: Sarcastic fringehead families do things a little differently than many animals: rather than the mother hanging around to protect the sarcastic eggs, it's the father's job. This is why they get so chompy at anything--or one!--who gets near their burrows.

Wow!: Tearing the flesh off of other creatures isn't the only thing sarcastic fringehead use their monster mouths for: they also "lip-lock" and wrestle with their mouths to resolve turf disputes with other sarcastic fringeheads.

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