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Curious about the Sparkle Muffin Peacock Spider

What if there were a spider that looked like a sparkle muffin peacock?

What: The sparkle muffin peacock spider is a spider in the genus Maratus, or peacock spider.

Who: The first sparkle muffin peacock spider was discovered and described by biologist, Madeline Girard discovered the sparkle muffin while searching for other peacock spiders.

Where: Sparkle muffin peacock spiders live and dance in Australia.

When: Madeline Girard discovered her first sparkle muffin peacock spider in 2014.

How: Do the sparkle muffin peacock spiders dance? Sparkle muffins are a part of the Salticidae family of jumping spiders, but their dances are more than simply jumping around; they also wave their legs in the air and make other smooth dance moves!

Check out some peacock spider dance moves in the this video!

Why: Why are the sparkle muffin peacock spiders colored so extravagantly? To attract a mate!

Huh?: If the male sparkle muffin peacock spider's dance does not impress a female sparkle muffin peacock spider, she will often eat him!

Wow!: Sparkle muffins aren't the only curiously named peacock spider: there's the burnt-orange peacock spider, kitty-cat peacock spider, eagle peacock spider, and skeletorus peacock spider.

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