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Curious About the Striped Pyjama Squid

What if animals wore pajamas?

What: The Sepioloidea lineolata looks exactly like what its common name, the striped pyjama squid, suggests: a squid that looks like its wearing a pair of striped pajamas.

Who: Who is the striped pyjama squid, really? It's neither a squid, nor does it wear pajamas: it's a cuttlefish with camouflage that looks like pajamas!

When: The striped pyjama squid may look like it's wearing pajamas, but it doesn't sleep at night; it's nocturnal.

Where: The striped pyjama squid spends most of its days beneath the seafloor below the waters of the Indo-Pacific south of Australia.

How: How do the striped pyjama squids behave when threatened? By oozing out poisonous slime!

Why: Why pyjamas instead of pajamas? Pyjamas is the preferred spelling of the British who introduced pajamas to the Western world by British colonist in India who picked up the word and the garment from the locals.

Huh?: Did you know when it comes to cephalopods, there's a difference between arms and tentacles? What if you find out why?

Wow!: What if pyjamas and pajamas have a fascinating history! Read more here.

Still curious about the striped pyjama squid (or what cephalopods are)? Let your curiosity lead your learning about squids in pajamas as well as with many other super strange animals and how they got their crazy names in The Screaming Hairy Armadillo and it's free Educator's Guide!


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