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Curious about Super-Powered Helium

What if helium were a superhero?

What: Helium is a "noble gas" so she doesn't interact with what she sees as the"lesser elements" in the Universe.

Who: Did you know Helium got her name from Helios, the Greek God of the Sun?

How: Helium formed on earth over millions of years from a combination of radioactive decay from Thorium and Uranium.

When: Helium is invisible, but if she's ever shot with some electricity, she glows peachy-pink.

Where: Helium lives underground on earth, put can also be found hanging out al lot in outer space.

Why: Helium may be more expensive and slightly heavier than hydrogen, but being 100% less flammable, she's a much better option for party balloons.

Huh?: Know what create the dark lines in the sunlight? Neither did early scientists! This colorful confession lead them to the discovery of Helium. Since none of the known elements at the time could explain it, their search for answers allowed them to discover the invisible, Helium!

Wow!: Helium, like other snooty, "noble gasses" don't only act as if other, "lesser elements" don't exist, they tend to remain inert and rarely form chemical bonds with other elements.

Super Student Actions: What is Helium's "superpower"? What is Helium's "weakness"? Who/what is Helium's mortal enemy? What does Helium's superhero costume look like?

Curiosity Based Learning

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