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Eduprotocols for Curiosity-Driven Learning

What: A couple of fantastic resources to immediately up the effectiveness (and fun!) of your classes.

Who: Whether you're looking to inject something new to standard lessons or always curious to discover new ways to do new things, EduProtocols is for you!

How: Practice makes perfect and the authors understand this; in addition to providing clear instructions on how to execute EduProtocols, they offer encouragement and tips along the way.

Where: Everywhere! No matter the subject or grade level of your class, EduProtocols apply.

When: EduProtocols have you covered from the first day of school to last--and how to provide rationale whenever asked by parents or administrators.

Why: Ever wish you could bring your teaching into focus?

Huh?: What if I'm already over-loaded (and whelmed) with doing do things in class? EduProtocols layer into what you're already doing, so they become time-savers instead of time- takers.

Wow!: Be sure to check out and join the #EduProtocols community of educators "showing their work" having read and applied EduProtocols in their classes.

I highly recommend both books and the amazing community they have curated; many wonderful examples of Curiosity Based Learning being used to great effectiveness in classrooms.


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