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Getting More Curious about What If Hydrogen Were a Superhero?

Curiosity Q & A for What Ii Hydrogen were a superhero?

Question: What if humans were the simplest form of life on Earth rather than the most complex?

Action: Imagine another organism observing your daily life with your home, school, etc. being different petri dishes; write out the three most significant observations made about you and your behavior for yesterday.

Keep in Mind: What makes hydrogen super simple to study is its inherent simplicity--it only has one nucleus, one proton, and one electron; being "simple" has little to do with its super abilities. What is a case you can think of where being simple made something super?

Deeper Learning: Hydrogen is known for being a core component of so many helpful things, from the clouds in the sky to the water you drink; but it also has a history of disaster. What are some of the more unfortunate events you can discover in which hydrogen had a hand?

Challenge: Design Hydrogen's superhero costume and explain the colors, design, devices, and other features included with it.

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