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Getting More Curious about Super-Powered Lithiumum

Curiosity Q&A for "what if Lithium were a superhero?"

Question: What if you had the power to power anything... but only one thing?

Action: Make an advertisement offering your services to power whatever it is you'd choose to power.

Keep in Mind: In your advertisement, be sure to include how much you charge--if you're giving your power to power away for free how are you selecting what to power?--and the advantages or being powered by you instead of Lithium-power?

Deeper Learning: According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so your power to power will have to come from somewhere; whenever you give off your power, what about you weakens in equal proportion?

Challenge: Create a Venn Diagram of the power you'd provide and the power Lithium does provide.

Curiosity Based Learning Curiosity Q&A

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