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Sleeping Octopuses

Curious About... Sleeping Octopuses

Octopus in the Shell


A new discovery about octopuses dreaming and changing their colors accordingly. 


Marine biologist, Dr. David Scheel developed the color-changing dream hypothesis while observing an octopus for a documentary on octopuses called, Octopus: Making Contact.


Scientists already understand how octopuses camouflage themselves when hunting prey, now they believe octopuses dream of hunting prey and their color-changing while sleeping reflects the actions in these dreams.


Dr. Scheel is from Alaska, but the octopus he studied came to visit him; he was able to make so many remarkable octopus discoveries by bringing an octopus into his home to live with his family.


A color-changing octopus is nothing new, but the new idea of it's color-changing while sleeping due to dreaming certainly is!


This is incredibly important to cephalopod research because it is another example of how remarkable these animals are and how much we have yet to discover about animals, their behavior, and their connections to humans.


What do octopuses dream about: even though we might now they're changing colors based on what these creatures are doing, we still don't know exactly what they're dream.


Octopuses are so weird--not just while they are sleeping!--many people speak and joke about them as if they were alien species that crash landed on earth millions of years ago.

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Thank you to Hands on English Villa Carmela for sharing your curiosity!


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