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Manifest Curiosity Part VII:

This post is the first in a series of posts from Manifest Curiosity that details they hows, whens, and whys of Curiosity Based Learning.

What If…? Power Sentence

The What If…? Power Sentence is…

How to write a What If…? Power Sentence: in a minute or less, write a one sentence answer to each of the three questions and then plug them in to the sentence. The What If…? Power Sentence can then be used for anything from students figuring out their topic and thesis, to entrepreneurs communicating their value propositions, to executives developing their strategic plans.

While the writing of each sentence should take no more than a minute in order to discourage self-editing, feel free to prime each question with longer discussions around them before starting the minute to answer.

Step 1: What are you curious about?

Step 2: What are you passionate about?

Step 3: What is something you care enough about to find a solution?

Step 4: Fill in the following sentence with answers from Steps 1-3

What if I combine my curiosity for____ with my passion for_____ to find a solution for_____?

Step 5: What are your next three steps to finding that solution?

Stay Curious with Manifest Curiosity Part VIII: Discovery Learning (a.k.a. Leafy Sea Dragon)

Curiosity Based Learning


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