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Manifest Curiosity Part X

This post is the first in a series of posts from Manifest Curiosity that details they hows, whens, and whys of Curiosity Based Learning.

100 Chances

There are a couple of ways (so far) to do the 100 Chances process. Both start with a specific problem and a list of 1 - 100.

One way is to fill out each number with the name of a person to contact or action to take in order to address or find a solution to your stated problem. Then, go down the list and contact or do what is listed. More likely than not, before you hit number 100 on your list you will: a) discover a solution to your stated problem or b) identify a bigger problem to solve c) uncover a more valuable action to take whether or not it relates to the problem you stated initially or d) all of the above.

Another way is to fill in an action to take or person to contact for #1 and leave the other 99 blank. After each contact or action taken, answer the set of questions before identifying and contacting or doing the next step:

  1. Something valuable I learned:

  2. Something I need to change:

  3. Something I should keep doing:

  4. Who to contact/what action to take next:

Stay Curious with Part XI:

Curiosity Based Learning


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