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Welcome to the Animal Entrepreneur

What if your curiosity about animals can teach you valuable insights into entrepreneurship?

Like animals? Are you an entrepreneur? Welcome to the Entrepreneur Animal!

Biomimicry can be an incredibly powerful tool for entrepreneurs, innovators, and status-quo changers; but as an action it's pretty static. It needs a catalyst for application and relevance in order to drive action. The Entrepreneur Animal shares quick bits of innovation from our natural world to help catalyze actions in our entrepreneurial world.

If you are too impatient to see this play out here on the Animal Entrepreneur, you can get a sneak peak by bouncing over "What If You Learn Like a Coyote?."

Like entrepreneurs, animals can be many things, good, bad, bizarre, wild, and wonderful but they both must be clever, resourceful, and adaptable in order to survive in the long run no matter how strange it might first seem at first glance.

Take for example, the southern, hairy-nosed wombat. It poops in cubes. What's that got to do with you? If it gets you curious to learn a little more about the wonderful world of wombats, you will also discover that, unlike other marsupials, wombats have rearward facing pouches rather than the traditional joey pouches you see on kangaroos.

Why? So their pouches don't get all filled up with dirt during all the digging these "bulldozers of the bush" do.

As an entrepreneur, what is something you are doing or could experiment doing 180% in the opposite direction of what others do? What's someone else's circle you could square--or cube?

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Animal Entrepreneur!

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