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What If You Learn Like a Coyote?

Think you're intelligent? How would you measure up against a coyote?

What are the first three characteristics you think of when you think of a coyote?

Now, what do--our could---any of them have to do with learning?

In Coyote America, author Dan Flores points out in his Introduction titled, "American Avatar": "... one important similarity we and coyotes share across our long histories is a reliance on problem-solving intelligence for success..."

This opened a floodgate of curiosities.

One curiosity in particular was what if we taught for and measured Problem-Solving Intelligence (PSQ?) the way we measure IQ and and are starting with EQ?

What can we learn about how coyotes problem-solve to help us become better problem-solvers?

As learners and educators, how are we incorporating problem-solving in our learning experiences?

As entrepreneurs and innovators, how are we improving our problem-solving abilities?

As executives and leaders how are we creating strategies and cultures rooted in problem-solving?

I am very curious to learn what others think we could learn from coyotes to help us become better problem-solvers and humans as we actively create the Corporation of Tomorrow.

Stay curious!

Thank you for your curiosity and stay curious with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!


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