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Welcome to the Library of Curiosity

What if learning were as easy as curi-osi-ty?

What if the problem with learning is it has the world "learning" right in it. Based on how many have been raised to learn, learning carries connotations of boredom, struggle, and frustration. But what if learning were about celebration, collaboration, and capabilities?

Sure, tons of people talk about the need for more curious learners and more curiosity in our classes, but how many are actually doing anything to make it happen--looking at you, Sir Kenneth Robinson wowing us with big, red paperclips and proclaiming to change the paradigms of education, yet providing zero pathways on how get there and offering even fewer resources for learners and educators killing their own creativity trying.

What if we let curiosity lead our learning?

What if, when we commit to letting curiosity lead our learning, learning becomes an act of discovery, self-fulfillment, and satisfaction?

And what if, with the living Library of Curiosity, you now have pathways, content, and resources at your disposal to make sure all of your learning starts with personal curiosity and follows along pathways fueled by that same curiosity burning from within?

The Library of Curiosity provides free resources to educators, learners, and curious minds with links to lessons, activities, and deep-dives of learning all designed using Curiosity Based Learning.

Every listing in the Library of Curiosity follows a simple structure designed to keep lessons accessible for ages 8-108, yet flexible enough to attach additional learning, activities, or learning approaches at any and all points of discovery.

This is just the start. You can get your start by visiting the Library of Curiosity on this site and following this blog; we'll be updating both regularly with links to lessons, activities, and other resource to learn more, do more, and spread the wonders of what happens when curiosity leads our learning.

Let's get curious together!

Curiosity Based Learning

Library of Curiosity

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