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What If Broccoli Tasted Like Chocolate?

What If Q&A for Educators (from The Book of What If...?, pp. 118-120)

Question: What if broccoli tasted like chocolate?

Action: Imagine a world where broccoli does taste like chocolate: open a restaurant in this world; make sure you include a menu, name of restaurant, and any other details you'd like to add.

Keep in Mind: Some people love that broccoli tastes like broccoli; not only do some people enjoy the taste of broccoli, could you imagine eating soups, salads and other dishes (like beef and broccoli) in which broccoli is an ingredient now becoming chocolate flavored?!

Deeper Learning: Why doesn't broccoli taste like chocolate? See what you can discover about why broccoli tastes like broccoli and chocolate tastes like chocolate.

Challenge: What if flavors were more democratic? Create a short campaign speech campaign poster persuading the voting public to vote on the change of flavors for a food.

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