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What if Curiosity Can Be a Tool for Climate Change?

Discover how a Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to climate change can lead to more creative solutions and positive outcomes for us and our planet

To paraphrase Willie Nelson, we didn’t come here (and we ain’t leavin’).

What if it’s up to us to keep things comfortable while we’re here? And what if, we’re going to need constant streams of increasingly creative solutions to keep that comfort going… and to extend that ongoing comfort to everything else with which we share Spaceship Earth?

What if this is where curiosity comes in? How can one discover a new solution without a spark of curiosity? If epic discoveries and novel solutions require curiosity, what are you doing to cultivate your curiosity?

Want to cut the chit-chat a-hole and start some Curiosity-Based Thinking actions?

Do: Think about climate change (or a specific aspect of climate change) as a problem that needs to be solved.

Before you even start creating a solution, how well do you understand the problem? Can you communicate it to a stranger in under 30 seconds in a way that makes them care about finding or supporting a solution?

Create a What? to Wow! to communicate your understanding of the problem you want to solve by writing a one sentence response to all eight questions:

What: What is the problem?

Who: Who is most affected by the problem?

When: When is this problem at its worst?

Where: Where does this problem affect the most?

How: How are we dealing with this problem at them moment?

Why: Why does this problem affect more than the comfort of humans?

Huh?: What is currently the biggest challenge in finding a solution to this problem?

Wow!: What is awesome about being a resident of Planet Earth with this problem solved?

Keep your curiosity going with more What? to Wow! and Curiosity-Based Thinking content and activities from What If Curiosity and The Book of What If…?!

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