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What If Dinosaurs Hadn't Gone Extinct?

Curiosity Based Learning Curiosity Q&A for Educators from The Book of What If...?

What would you do if you woke up to find dinosaurs roaming the Earth? Write a newspaper headline announcing it to the world.

Who would benefit the most if dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Make a list of the most in demand professions in a world with dinosaurs.

How would you get to school or work every day if there were dinosaurs between there and your home? Draw a map of the route you would take from home to work or school--be sure to mark your map with spots to avoid because you believe they might be dino-hotspots.

When do you think the best time to go outside would be to dodge the dinosaurs? Calculate how much more or less time you would spend outside per day (per week, per month, and/or per year) with dinos outside than you do in a dino-free world.

Where do you think you would need to move your home to exist coexisting with dinosaurs? Draw and describe your new home.

Why do you think dinosaurs went extinct? Pretend you're a dinosaur: what would you tell humans to help them from going extinct one day?

Huh?: If you could ask a dinosaur anything, what would it be? Why?

Wow!: What if it turns out dinosaurs are super cool with humans (and they think we taste bad) so humans and dinosaurs have an opportunity to coexist. Imagine you have been asked to be a part of the human delegation to co-write the Human-Dino Agreement with a delegation of dinosaurs. The Human-Dino Agreement outlines 10, agreed upon rights--five for humans and five for dinos--that must be upheld for humans and dinosaurs to live together and share our planet. What are the five "human" rights and what are the five "dino"rights you think could be agreed upon by all--humans and dinosaurs?

Curiosity Based Learning

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The Book of What If...?

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