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What If Everyone Could See Right Through You?

Get curious about see-through bodies as you exercise your curiosity with this Curiosity-Based Thinking workout from The Book of What If...?: What if Humans Had See-Through Bodies?

What: What would you wear to work or school if you had a see-through body?

Who: Who benefit the most from having see-through bodies?

When: When would having a see-through body not be super useful?

Where: Many animals living deep in our oceans have adapted see-through bodies thanks to their super dark environments; where in your current environment would having a see-through body be useful?

How: How would having a see-through body affect what you put in your body--that is if your see-through body were like the see-through bodies scientists are genetically engineering mice to have in order for the scientists to better understand bodily functions (like digestion)?

Why: Why would having see-through bodies make humans more (or less) honest with each other?

Huh?: Why are humans not see-through already? What good does having skin or opaque coverings have?

Wow!: Describe the best part of your day when your body is 100% see-through.

Bonus Wow!: If not humans, what might have see-through bodies in the future?

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