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What If Hashtags + Platitudes ≠ Appreciation?

What if you give a fraction of the effort appreciating educators they give shaping our future?

Want to appreciate a teacher?

What if educators deserve more than hashtags and platitudes?

What if, the best way to appreciate teachers is to give them the tools and resources they need to help them save their time and make better use of their energy like free access to a Library of Curiosity for educators and learners to access for free and contribute to freely?

What if everyone appreciates a shoutout, even when it's en masse or part of a marketing gimmick that you were tagged in... and asked to perpetuate.

But what if there are some very tangible ways you can appreciate educators?

A few examples of how you can let educators know they're more than a hashtag:

- Write a personal letter to an educator you cherish from your own learning journey.

- Let an educator who works with your child or someone you know that you appreciate the role they play in your life and the health of your community.

- Take greater interest in becoming a more active participant in your child's learning.

- Be diligent in creating an environment at home that helps your child succeed in their environment at school.

- Be curious! Instead of offering hashtags and platitudes, ask educators you know what you could do to better appreciate them as humans and the work they do as professionals.

What if this list is not complete! What if you let me know how I can best appreciate all the educators you know? Let me know and I'll get to doing it.

Curious to hear what other ideas you have to do and share in order to truly appreciate educators for Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond!

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