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What If Humans Had Elephant Noses?

Curiosity Based Learning, Curiosity Q&A for Educators from The Book of What If...?

Question: What If Humans Had Elephant Noses?

Action: Design a new nose: come up with a whole new shape, size, and function for the nose; for example: a small, a cube-shaped nose that digests food and blows out air to keep dust particles out of your eyes. Draw and describe your new nose.

Keep in Mind: Elephants don't just spray water with their noses, they also spray dust. Why? The dust protects their skin from the sun's rays and insects' bites. They also use them to show affection by caressing other elephants.

Deeper Learning: What if elephants had human noses? What do you think the three biggest changes to an elephant's day-to-day would be if it woke up one day with a human nose instead of an elephant trunk?

Challenge: It isn't easy being an elephant today; what if you get nosey about an elephant's business and discover something you can do to lend an elephant a hand?

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