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What If Humans Never Landed on the Moon?

Curiosity Q&A for Entrepreneurs (The Book of What If...? p. 10) and the Corporation of Tomorrow

Question: What If Humans Never Landed on the Moon?

Action: The first step humans took to landing on the Moon was asking "what if we could go there?" which must have sounded ridiculous when first asked. What's the "ridiculous question" that's going to take your business to the Moon?

Keep in Mind: If your "ridiculous question" has an answer, it's not ridiculous enough; focus on the value in pursuing an answer over the feasibility of finding an answer.

Deeper Learning: There's an argument to be made that what the Moon landing inspired is a greater accomplishment than the physical act of man and moon making contact; what do you stand to gain beyond answering your "ridiculous question?

Challenge: Write out the "ridiculous questions" for three successful businesses?

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Corporation of Tomorrow!

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