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What If Money Grew Out of Volcanoes?

Suddenly spunky, El Salvador recently voted to make Bitcoin legal tender, but what if, instead of going to the Moon, they're heading the other direction?

What: El Salvador is going to use geothermal energy spewing from its volcanoes to power Bitcoin mining to help facilitate its use as legal tender.

Who: Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren may not like Bitcoin, but El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, adores Bitcoin so much, he's using to shape the future of his country.

When: June 9, 2021 El Salvador voted to make Bitcoin legal tender; El Salvadoran volcanoes been doing their thing for thousands of years, it's only recently humans have been thinking about how to collaborate.

Where: El Salvador has over 20 volcanoes to choose from to harness energy from to power their Bitcoin mining operations.

How: What if geothermal energy generated from volcanoes can power much more than Bitcoin ming? Find out how some scientist have been trying for a few years now in the article,"Supercharged geothermal energy could power the planet" from the New Scientist.

Why: Why El Salvador? Why not?! Actually, much credit must be given to the visionary new President Nayib Bukele who is not only innovative in his thinking, but convincing in how he communicates in getting others to adopt new ideas and behaviors.

Huh?: Before Bitcoin, the only legal tender in El Salvador with the U.S. Dollar.

Wow!: What if the vision of President Nayib Bukele goes beyond the geothermal; it's socioeconomic: a purpose of the move to make Bitcoin legal tender is to solve to problem of around 70% El Salvadorans not having access to "traditional financial services."

Makes you wonder: how do you think blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, or volcanoes can improve access or provide power to your work, community, or future? Stay curious!

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