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What If People Didn't Know Anything?

Curiosity Based Learning Curiosity Q&A for Educators from The Book of What If...?

Question: What If People Didn't Know Anything?

Action: If people don't know anything, who or what does? Imagine a world where an animal or object possesses all of the knowledge on our planet. Share a short dialog asking and receiving some knowledge from it.

Keep in Mind: What is knowledge? It can be defined as "justified, true, belief"; therefore, for a thought to become knowledge, it needs to a) be a belief b) true and c) justified.

Deeper Learning: That last part is the tricky part; in order for a thought to move beyond belief and become knowledge, you need to be able to justify it with evidence and reason. This is where experimenting, testing, and finding and understanding information from others is critical to the development of knowledge.

Challenge: Write out a belief you have that doesn't yet qualify as knowledge. Can it ever become knowledge? If not, explain why. If so, what are the actions you need to take to turn it from a belief into knowledge?

Curiosity Based Learning

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