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What If Politicians Were Kids?

Curiosity Q&A for Educators (from The Book of What If...? pp. 53-54)

Question: What If Politicians Were Kids?

Action: Have your students write a one sentence campaign slogan that communicates both what office they are running for and how they'll use their position if elected.

Keep in Mind: The campaign slogan they create doesn't just have to be a campaign slogan: it can become a way to teach anything from thesis statements to communicating complex ideas.

Deeper Learning: Invite your students to extend and deepen their learning by asking them questions like: Why do you think the voting age is 18 in most countries? Can you find places where it is a different age? What age would you make the voting age and why?

Challenge: Class President: Have students to create campaign posters and short campaign speeches and then vote for a class president if only for the day.

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