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What if Questioning Like a Kid Can Be a Game Changer?

Get curious about the importance and utility of asking questions with Adolfo Espíritu as he applies his curiosities about questions in the second part of a series on questions, curiosity, and more for the Corporation of Tomorrow.

Three year old Edwin Land’s daughter asked a game changing question to his dad. While Land’s family were enjoying a relaxing vacation in 1943, Edwin took a photograph of his daughter, and immediately she asked why couldn’t they see the picture right away? In those days, an expert would have answered because that is the way the camera works; however, Land also questioned himself and this question led him to a journey which ended with a camera that could develop the picture right away.

So given this case:

  • Why do we stop questioning?

  • Is a kid better asking questions than adults?

  • What if innovation starts with a question?

  • What if the best way to generate solutions is not brainstorming nor painstorming but questionstorming?

  • What if questioning is one of many keys to unlocking your creativity potential?

  • What if we can improve our questions by letting ourselves think like kids again?

  • What if simple game-changing ideas come from an impossible-to-answer question with your current knowledge?

  • What if questions are the simplest used tools when tackling problems?

Questions work as a compass; they guide you through uncertainty to the solution, are the best tools to get to know the unknown, and one of the main drivers for innovation. Ideas are born when trying to answer a question, so, if you want to improve your ideas, first you need to improve your questioning.

Want to learn how to improve your questions? Stayed tuned for further entries.

For further reference check out this book: A More Beautiful Question, by Warren Berger.

Adolfo Arana Espíritu Santo is a student at the Monterrey Institute of Technology & Higher Learning and loves getting curious about, Math, Physics, and Quantum Computers.

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