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What If Robots Looked Like Humans?

What if 🤔 robots 🤖 looked and acted just like humans and animals? How would your feelings about them change? Let your curiosity lead your learning with this curiosity based learning from The Book Of What If...?

What if robots looked like humans and animals?

What: What would you do if you discovered someone you knew was actually a robot? Write a text to them to tell them how you feel about this discovery.

Who: Out of everyone you know, who do you think might actually be a robot? Write a diary entry sharing your thoughts why?

How: How could you test if someone where a robot or human? Write out the instructions to a test to use to test is someone is a human or robot?

When: Do you think the first robot will become the President of a country? Create a campaign poster for a robot running for President.

Where: Do you think robots who look like humans would live and work? Make an advertisement targeted for robots looking for work or a place to live.

Why: Why do you think robots are necessary for humans? Write a short poem about a child and their robot.

Huh?: What if you found out that you are a robot? Who would be the first person you would talk to? Write a short letter sharing your news with them.

Wow!: Why would zoos of robots that look and act exactly like "real" animals be better to visit than the zoos we have today? What are the top three things you would like to see replaced by robots? Give a sentence reason why for each.


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