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What If There're Ghosts in the Water!

As if the deepest depths of the ocean aren't spooky enough!

What: The Australian Ghost Shark is spooky looking shark with a strange snout.

Who: Who is the "real" Australian ghost shark? Currently, Callorhinchus milii, goes by the Australian ghost shark; over the years, it has gone by names like the elephant shark and the plough-nose chimera.

When: When you've survived on the planet for millions of years like the Australian ghost shark, scientists call you a "living fossil."

Where: Australian ghost sharks aren't just Australian! They stalk the waters around south Australia... and New Zealand.

How: Australian ghost sharks don't have a very scary bite, so how do they put fear in those who might try to spook it? Australian ghost sharks have a venomous stinger on their dorsal fin. Ouch!

Why: Why do Australian ghost sharks have snouts like elephants? They use their snouts to root out small animals to eat by using their snouts to dig around on the sea floor.

Huh?: Are there other ghosts in the oceans? The Australian ghost shark isn't the only ghost shark named after where it swims, the Bahamas ghost shark creeps the waters around the Bahamas.

Wow!: The Australian ghost shark looks like a mashup between a shark and an elephant. What other animals in The Screaming Hairy Armadillo do you think look like a mashup between two or more animals--and what new name would you give them?

Keep getting curious about animals with The Screaming Hairy Armadillo and it's free Educator's Guide!

Thank you for your curiosity, stay curious, and let your curiosity lead your learning with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!

*Cover Photo © Doug Perrine


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