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What If There Were No Sports?

Curiosity Based Learning Curiosity from The Book of What If...?

Question: What if there were no sports?

Action: Create your own sport! Describe the basic details of a new sport; be sure to include: name of the sport, where it is played, how long a game (and season) is, how many people are on each team, what the goal is (and how points are made), and any other rules that are important to know before playing.

Keep in Mind: What if, it's not just sports that would disappear if sports disappeared? What would happen to all of the energy, enthusiasm, and time

Deeper Learning: Circa April 15, 2020 there currently are no sports. Can you discover other times sports have stopped? What were the causes? What were the reactions? Can you create a Venn Diagram to find the overlap? By looking at that overlap, can you see anything valuable for the future of sports?

Challenge: What innovations to sports, sport leagues, and fans' relationships with sports do you think can be made by changes that are being forced by COVID-19?

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The Book of What If...?

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