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What If This Shrimp Isn't a Shrimp!

Size makes not matter to the pistol shrimp who doesn't pack pistols, rather something much more impressive.

What: The pistol shrimp is a shrimp that shoots super loud--and deadly--bubble bullets.

Who: There are hundreds of species of pistol shrimp, but one recently discovered species, Synalpheus pinkfloydi was named specifically after something else that is very loud and very cool: the rock band, Pink Floyd!

When: When some species of pistol shrimp need to work on their burrow or hunt without pesky predators bothering them, they meet up with a goby fish, who will help the pistol shrimp lookout for danger.

Where: Where does the pistol shrimp get its pistol power to shoot bubble bullets? The pistol shrimp uses its it's gigantic claw to pressurize water inside a chamber in it; the pressure builds so strong, when the pistol shrimp releases it, it fires a bubble bullet fast enough to stun or kill its prey.

How: How loud are the pistol shrimp's bubble bullets? How about 210 decibels, loud! That's louder than an actual gunshot, which is around 140 – 175 decibels.

Wow!: The pistol shrimp's bubble bullets don't just make quite a bang, they also fire at quite a burst: the pistol shrimp's bubble bullets shoot out at 60 mph (97 kph)!

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