• Matt Murrie

What If Walls Could Talk?

Curiosity Based Learning, What? to Wow! for Entrepreneurs from The Book of What If...?

What: What if walls had the ability to communicate with humans?

Who: Who would benefit most from walls being able to talk? In what way, specifically?

How: How would you know if a wall was telling you the truth? Or being sarcastic?

Where: If you could only hear from one wall in the entire world, which wall would it be and why?

When: How far in the future do you think it will be when walls are talking?

Why: Why would the wall be motivated to tell you the truth or information you want most?

Huh?: What would be the biggest challenge your business or idea would face if walls could talk?

Wow!: What would be the amazing opportunity for your business or idea if walls could talk?

Curiosity Based Learning What? to Wow!

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