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What If We Create the School of Tomorrow, Today?

What if before we create the school of tomorrow, we need to know what questions to ask?

Video produced by the Ministry of Education, Tucumán, Argentina kicking off the start of using curiosity to create the School of Tomorrow, today.

What if, by taking a Curiosity-Based Learning approach to education we can connect learning from core content areas to collaborative actions that drive deeper learning and real-world impact? And, what if, in doing so, we create learning experiences that begin with curiosity and follow along pathways of empathy and action that not only directly impact our local communities, but create life-long learners contributing to a better world?

What if those questions are no longer hypotheticals? What if we're doing it?!

What If Curiosity is collaborating with schools, governments, experts, and organizations around the world to use curiosity to not only reimagine education, but create a new version of education: the School of Tomorrow, Today.

What if, in addition to creating the School of Tomorrow, Today, we don't only do it today, but create it the way school should have been created from the start: collaboratively, across a diversity of disciplines, ages, and cultures.

The School of Tomorrow, Today project is designed around digital learning experiences that take a Curiosity-Based Learning approach to introducing the core content to be used to fuel future learning, frame challenges, and inform contributions to constructing the School of Tomorrow, Today.

Content Areas

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Coding

  • Leadership

  • Writing, Communication, & Storytelling

  • Mindfulness


  • Model UN & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The initial learning experience consists of a 1-2 hour Curiosity Based Learning introduction for each of the Content Areas, followed by an additional 1-2 hours of follow-up learning and activities. This is free for anyone and can be done live or asynchronously. The project is designed to support educators, parents, and community members with Professional Development training to power the educational experiences they create.

After the Curiosity Based Learning introduction, participants have the opportunity to connect with Key Partners from around the world to dive deeper into the areas they are most curious about to learn more and take collaborative actions. The outcomes of their learning and actions will then be shared with interested organizations to explore how they can support participants directly in creating their visions of the School of Tomorrow.

Project Outcomes

  • Create the school of tomorrow, today

  • Create actionable solutions for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Create student entrepreneurs

  • Create more equitable learning spaces and experiences

  • Contribute to the conversation of who we are as a planet and where we are going

  • Identifying and requesting the resources required to create this new version of education

  • Professional Development and continued training in Curiosity Based Learning and other novel processes and methodologies for teaching and learning (such as Eduprotocols).

  • Connection to a global network of key partners for continued collaborations

What if creating the school of tomorrow, today is the easy part? Making sure we're asking the right questions is the tricky part. We've started by assembling the best--and growing--team on the planet! They've been fantastic in kicking us off and guiding us forward, but in order to truly crowdsource curiosity, we need more questions from more (different) people, like you!

How can you participate? What if you start by doing something as simple as replacing history books with Ben & Jerry's? Or, you could jump right in by contacting me ( with ideas on how you would like to participate in creating the school of tomorrow, today.


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