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What If You Could Teleport Anywhere?

Curiosity Based Learning, Curiosity Q&A from The Book of What If...?

Question: What If You Could Teleport Anywhere?

Action: What if you could teleport anywhere in the universe you wanted... but you could never teleport back? Where would you go? If you wouldn't go... what if you were being forced to go? Write a message back home from your new, teleported location.

Keep in Mind: The ability to teleport wouldn't just condense space, it would also free up a ton of time! How would you spend the extra time you'd have from teleporting everywhere you need to be?

Deeper Learning: What examples from history can you discover where distance and/or the ability to travel that distance played a role in the success, struggle, or downfall of a nation or empire. What, if any, technology was a factor?

Challenge: In many ways, the internet is a teleportation substitute of sorts. Imagine, if it would take you roughly the same amount of time to teleport to a museum to read up on dinosaurs as it would for you to go to Wikipedia--not to mention hang out with friends--how would your internet and social media habits change? Share the apps on your phone or tablet in a teleport-capable world.

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